Training & Education

AHCP Professional Development Programme

Who is this programme for?

As a member of a cleaning team this programme has been designed to evidence that you meet the requirements and competencies relating to your role. It helps you to reflect on how you are applying what you have learned through induction and training.

How will the programme help me meet the requirements?

Cleaning Science workshops to compliment your learning and support your successful completion will be available. The study of cleaning as a science will enable the transfer of knowledge which impacts on your cleaning related activities. These may be classroom based or accessed online.

In the programme you will find multiple choice questions based on the requirements of your role as outlined below. Each question is designed to help you demonstrate that you are competent as a Healthcare Cleaning Professional and will be followed up with practical demonstrations.
Course Content:

  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Cleaning and the Environment
  • Practical Cleaning Applications
  • Health, Safety and The Environment
  • Communications and Customer Service
  • Personal Development

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Training & Education funding opportunities

Wamitab Practical Cleaning Skills

To meet the needs of an ever changing and modern NHS a newly developed suite of skills is available from September 2019.

  • Accredited Practical Cleaning Course without cost!
  • Short Sharp delivery – your place or mine?
  • Awarding body – WAMITAB

Cache Level 2 Certificate in the Prevention & Control of Infection in Healthcare Settings

  • An intermediate accredited Infection Prevention & Control Course without cost!
  • Short Sharp delivery – 12 hours in total
  • Distance learning possible
  • Awarding body – NCFE/Cache

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We are pleased to announce the success of the Trailblazer Group, who have acquired approval for the Healthcare Cleaning Apprenticeship.

The Tariff has been agreed, members can access the Healthcare Cleaning Apprenticeship which be funded through the levy income streams.

Watch this space for further direction from your AHCP Executive.

The team are currently engaged in establishing reputable and recognised training providers and organisations who have the essential healthcare cleaning experience. This will support and enable a smooth, succinct and professional journey for the workforce to achieve the apprenticeship in Healthcare Cleaning.