The National Standards for Healthcare Cleanliness – Update August 2019

The latest update for Aug 2019

Following on from the meeting on Wednesday I can confirm the following

  • The standards are due to go out for formal comment imminently (possibly starting this Monday)
  • The comment period will be three weeks long
  • There will an e-mail address set up by NHSi for feedback
  • The comments will then be reviewed in early September for launch later that month
  • There will be an implementation period set by NHSi – this will probably be about 12-18 months TBC
  • The document will then be live and will be reviewed periodically. (this process has also not been finalised yet)


The document will be circulated to Directors of Estates/Facilities and via the NHSi Hub and via the AHCP.

Best regards

Richard Ashton

Operations and Compliance Manager

Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust