NHSi Cleaning Standards Update July 2019

The latest update for July 2019 as follows:

  1. Two more meetings have been added in August to work on the document so it probably won’t be ready until end of that month.
  2. It was provisionally agreed that the AHCP and other associations would be able to circulate the document to members during the comment process
  3. The timescale for comment hasn’t been confirmed but it could be as little as two weeks

Those are the main updates. The next meeting is on the 25th July so I’ll send a further update following that meeting.

If anyone has any specific questions please feel free to e-mail.

The document will be circulated via the NHSi collaboration hub so it will be worthwhile getting access (NHS staff only). Please see below for details.

Website link is below


Request for access is via e-mail link below


Best regards

Richard Ashton

Operations and Compliance Manager

Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust