AHCP Bursary

The AHCP Bursary offers our members the opportunity to apply for bursary funds to help pay towards the cost of training and educational courses.

The bursary is open to all fully paid members of the Association, The recipient of any Bursary payment granted will meet the criteria detailed in below and will undertake to feedback as detailed in below.

The total value of the bursary available is any one year is £5,000.

The total value will be divided amongst qualifying recipients in line with and in proportion to size relevance and perceived beneficial outcomes

  • The Bursary is open to members who have been a fully paid membership of the AHCP for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The funds must be used for a project linked to personal/workplace  development.
  • The recipient must evidence a link between their current grade/post and the study being proposed with the reason (e.g. to obtain a post in a different area, higher grade etc.).
  • The project must be associated with healthcare  and have an emphasis on benefits to healthcare
  • Costs incurred by a participant who does not complete will be reclaimed by the AHCP  except in the case of genuine reasons ( list available )
  • All Bursary requests will be considered by CoM.
  • Successful applicants of all Bursary funds will be announced at the AHCP Conference each year.

If the bursary is agreed for a project which is of a private nature, rather than related to a course then evidence must be provided at the time of proposal of how the project will be undertaken. Aims, objectives and outcome criteria for each category will be compiled in order to evaluate the benefits.

The project may include, but is not limited to :

  • Foundation degree or similar
  • One of a range of education programmes
  • Attendance at an educational conference/ relevant exhibition attendance
  • A research project
  • Job shadowing /work placement expenses
  • One to one tuition
  • Design and creation of resources to benefit the AHCP members.


Dependant on the project feedback is required and must include (minimum)

  • Participation in  and or dissemination of the outcomes achieved
  • A presentation at AHCP’s national conference on the project if it is of an educational study or research nature
  • If it is attendance at a conference or exhibition then the recipient will have represented AHCP at the event and will provide evidence of this as part of a presentation along with a report on any innovations observed, emerging trends, or cutting edge initiative advice.
  • The recipient will write an article to be published in AHCP’s journal and offer a suitable adapted article for publication in external magazines, crediting AHCP with funding.
  • If an educational qualification is the outcome then the recipient will undertake to support/ buddy an AHCP member undertaking a similar course.

To apply for funds via the bursary please complete the attached form below and return via email to education@ahcp.co.uk.

Bursary application form