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Future Hospital Commission Report

andrew-jones-2013-4In my previous column I talked about seven day working and the commentary within the Keogh report that this would be an item on the agenda for trusts.

Some of you may be familiar with the future hospital commission report which has just been published on caring for medical patients.

The future hospital commission was established by the Royal College of Physicians last year, and its publication sets out a vision for hospital services structured around the needs of patients.

Highlighted within the report is the need for sustainable 24-7 high quality care and the report also flags up the importance of comprehensive transfer of care arrangements when patients move from one care setting to another.

Within the section on the hospital of the future is one of eleven core principles which states “patient experience is valued as much as clinical effectiveness”. For those of us working within the facilities services and within the AHCP, this provides us again with an opportunity to show the worth and the value of our services for our patients.

The need for ever improving patient experience should absolutely be at the heart of our work, and we need to embrace this and ensure that all who work with us and for us understand this. We also need to take every opportunity to ensure that our input is included within the wider work of our hospitals, and that clinicians and managers understand our worth.

On the wider NHS front, I understand that now that the premises assurance model (PAM) has been updated and released there is a plan to include more soft services data within the model. As this is a board assurance document which is also viewed by the CQC, we should embrace the opportunity to participate and to be a part of the PAM. Hopefully, as things progress we will become more closely involved in the development of this work.

The website shows an advertisement for our 2014 conference. Whilst this year’s conference in some respects seems only a short time ago, we need to be planning ahead. You will see details of the President’s Award on the website, and I would encourage you to consider submitting a nomination. This time around a template has been included to make the process simpler.