St George’s Park hotel

20th – 22nd June 2018

We are delighted to announce that next years Professional Development Forum will be brought back in house and hosted by the Midlands Branch on 20th – 22nd June 2018.

The theme for the 2018 Forum is Facing the Future and it will be held at the beautiful St George’s Park hotel in Burton-on-Trent, home to the England Football Team.

The Midlands Branch have a number of new ideas to bring to the 2018 Forum including an exciting line up of topics and speakers as well as a reduction of up to 50% in prices for both Delegates and Exhibitors!

Booking forms and topics will be released in September, so be sure to keep an eye out to secure your place.

“The Midlands Branch are proud to have been chosen to host the Annual Leadership and Development Forum 2018. It will be the first time for many years that it has been managed by the association. We aim to provide a programme that will be educational and valuable, for both Managers and Supervisors. We are keen to encourage representatives from all NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare to provide greater networking opportunities.

We are pleased to be hosting the event in the year that the NHS will be celebrating 70 years and are proud that our industry plays such an integral part of the patient's journey. We will keep you all updated on our progress and will look forward to seeing you next year.”

Alison Lane
Midlands Branch Chair

10th August 2017

Sealed Air Corporation will be legally separating the Diversey Care business in early September 2017

Sealedair recently shared with you, the Sealed Air Corporation will be legally separating the Diversey Care business in early September 2017. While the separation represents the start of a new era of opportunity for both Sealed Air and New Diversey, this transaction will not alter our relationship with you; however, we want to ensure you have the necessary information to supply and invoice the New Diversey business.

Beginning in early September 2017, we ask for your help to ensure all invoices pertaining to orders placed by New Diversey are:

  • Showing the legal name of the buying Diversey entity in the bill-tosection on your invoices as per Appendix A
  • Emailed directly to Diversey Accounts Payable at the email list per buying country as shown in Appendix B

Promptly updating your records with the information above is critical in order to avoid delays in invoice payment.

The separation is subject to a number of approvals. In the interim, we can assure you that the purchasing managers from both Sealed Air and New Diversey have the authority to enter into binding purchasing agreements with your company.

We have attempted to distribute this information to everyone in your organization who needs to be aware of these changes, but please circulate this notice to anyone in your business that may not have seen it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you require more information, please contact your purchasing representative. We plan to send a reminder communication in August with any changes to the above, and a final communication confirming the separation of Sealed Air and New Diversey in early September.

25th August 2017

British Cleaning Council welcomes new Chair, Deputy and Council

Following the recent AGM the British Cleaning Council are pleased to announce and welcome their New Chair, Deputy and Council.

National Health Executive magazine

Lee Peddle, our National Chair, was asked to write an article for the National Health Executive magazine recently which was published and added into their website. Please click here to read the article promoting the AHCP.

New insight into hospital and healthcare hygiene challenges

Cleaning Matters has published the results of a survey that explores the biggest challenges facing the UK hospital and healthcare cleaning sector.

The online survey was sent out in May 2017 to readers of Cleaning Matters as well as members of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (ahcp) to identify their biggest concerns at a time when hospitals and healthcare establishments are being pushed to the brink.

Not only is the sector facing intense pressure to cut the number of hospital acquired infections (HCAIs) and combat the rise of antimicrobial resistance, but it is trying to accommodate growing demand for its services – while reducing its spending.

With effective cleaning and hygiene practices being essential to infection prevention and control, we asked cleaning professionals what the sector can do in order to deliver the standards required.

To read the full report online please click here.

Business Manager

The AHCP has recently recruited Kirsten McMurray as the full-time Business Manager for the association.

“Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome when I first joined the association as a part time Marketing Officer.

It was in part due to this that when the position of Business Manager was advertised, I knew that I wanted to apply to work more closely with such dedicated members and help to make a difference and grow the AHCP.

One of my main focuses is to continue to promote the association and grow the membership, we have already taken steps to advertise ourselves in a number of UK wide publications and partner with many leaders in our industry. I plan to promote the association to Care Homes and GP surgeries as one of my main priorities. I also plan to focus on continuing to streamline many of our processes to make things easier and more efficient for members and will visit all branches to implement these processes and assist in any way I can.

Whilst focusing on the growth of membership and the day to day business of the AHCP, I will be working alongside the Midlands Branch as the Forum Manager to deliver an exciting and valuable Professional Development Forum that all members and potential members can benefit from.

Whilst I have many ideas on how to continue pushing the AHCP in the direction we want to go, I need to have input from all Branches and their members. Everybody’s ideas are invaluable as it is and always will be, a members association.

I look forward to working closely with you all in the coming months and would like to encourage everyone to feel free to contact me at anytime at”

Many Thanks

Kirsten McMurray